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Financial Modelling for the New Age

7th -8th February 2024 Online + Live Streaming 9:30 Am – 3:30 Pm, Dubai Time

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the essence of financial modeling theory and best practices
  2. Find information in Excel using the latest functions and techniques
  3. Test Financial Models’ Sensitivity Analysis
  4. Evaluate operation results
  5. Structuring a Cash Flow Model
  6. Set up and evaluate capital budgeting proposals Apply Business Intelligence Functionality: Power Query
  7. Power Pivot. Power BI
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Advance for Executive P.A’s & Secretaries

16th -17th February 2024 Online + Live Streaming 9:30 Am – 3:30 Pm, Dubai Time

Course Methodology:

Understanding EA strategist’s vs PA tacticians Anticipating the needs of your executive Project planning strategy Influencing and presentation skills Time-saving email management strategy Practicing win-win negotiation.

Prioritizing the demands of multiple managers Using emotional intelligence with your team Creating a powerful personal brand Moving forward through continuous development.

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Strategic Corporate Governance Masterclass

7th - 8th March 2024 Online + Live Streaming 9:30 Am – 3:30 Pm, Dubai Time

Benefits of this program include:

Receive practical advice on implementing GRC effectively Demystify corporate governance elements and turning it into strategic advantage and organizational effectiveness Increase the transparency and accountability of a company for the benefit of stakeholders and shareholders.

Monitor internal controls and implement dynamic risk strategies Achieve optimal reputation risk management Develop a formidable board of directors in your organization.

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Cash and Treasury Management Strategy

March 2024

The objectives of the seminar are to enable delegates to:

  • Gain knowledge of a great diverse subject area
  • Practice and practical are interwoven and very important to illustrate
  • The many assignments based on the real world will help to prove your understanding of the subjects.
  • Practice will help you build confidence and provide a deeper understanding.
  • Learn about the exposures and how to manage them effectively.
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Industrial Wastewater and Sludge Quality Management- Masterclass

March 2024

This course will feature:

  • Understanding of the entire sludge processing line
  • Understanding of health and environmental risks associated with sludge
  • Biological and chemical sludge – the difference
  • Anaerobic and aerobic digestion differences, design and operational applications
  • Mesothermic and Thermophilic digestion differences, design and operational applications
  • Why sludge thickening is important
  • The benefit of applying advanced anaerobic digestion processes
  • Identifying drivers for the beneficiation of sludge and utilization of biogas
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Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning for Managerial Roles

April 2024

Course Methodology:

  • The planning and budgeting process from beginning to end
  • Budget development
  • How alternative decisions affect the bottom line in terms of both profit and cash flow
  • Comparison of variances with actual performance against the plan and what these budget variances are saying and how they should be used to control financial performance
  • The use of Excel as the toolbox of choice for financial model development, used within this course to develop forecasts and long and short-term plans
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Leadership 4.0 Masterclass - Leading in VUCA & Industry 4.0

Online Training April 2024


By the end of this program through a combination of facilitator input, group discussion and practical simulation you will...

  • Examine the importance of change and provide clarity and certainty about behavioral expectations
  • Define the anticipated reactions related to introducing change at transitional, transactional and transformation levels
  • Identify the reasons why change occurs within phased stages of organization development
  • Examine the core principles associated with effective change conversations and work towards resolving conflict and resistance to change
  • Develop a Leadership strategy to embed and support performance types through defined activities and simulation.
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Auditing Of Projects & Contracts

Online May 2024

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Through evaluation of why projects do not achieve the desired outcome and what can be done to avoid common mistakes in project delivery, this course practically demonstrates how internal auditors are able to employ a risk-based audit approach at every stage of the project to support success.

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Advanced Data Analytics and Management for Finance Professionals

August 2024 UAE, DUBAI

Supply Chain: Planning of Resources & Detailed Scheduling

August 2024 UAE, DUBAI

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